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Ground Spices

India is being remembered by world’s most of the countries for its various ground spices, combination of spices and its food. Since many centuries India has remained the center of attraction due to its exotic Cooking Spices Powder. Ground Spices are the basic spices which are used as primary spices in Indian as well as other cuisines.

Blended Spices

Akshaya Food Products brings you a distinct range of blended spices that are indispensable to Indian cuisines. Being one of the leading blended spices manufacturers, we ensure that our special varieties add a rich taste and captivating aroma to all your recipes.

The Tradition of Blended Spices

The core concept of blended spices can be traced back to the Garam Masala – which is the original spice blend of India with various spices including cinnamon, clove, pepper and cardamom and others. When this spice was added to Indian recipes, magic was created in the pan and on the taste buds of every individual enjoying the meal. We take inspiration from this original blend to create a wide range of unique mixes of spices,herbs and condiments.

A Delectable Mix

As it is not possible to make masala combinations on a daily basis in modern cooking, we as blended spices manufacturer are in great demand. You can easily store a variety of blended spices in your kitchen and use them as and when required to elevate the taste and flavor of your cooking.

Instant Mixes

Akshaya Food Products. is known for its exceptional quality instant mixes across the globe. Our international standard mixes can be prepared in easy steps and will elevate the taste of your dishes in absolutely no time!

Celebrate every occasion with pride and taste with Akshaya Food Products Instant Mixes.

Quick, Tasty & Indulgent

Hectic schedules and changing lifestyles have led to the rapid growth of the instant mixes trend. These mixes are a great way to make your family meal time even more delicious. They can be made easily, with limited ingredients and taste absolutely delightful. Whether you’re home late or want to cook early before you head to work, just stock up on these instant mixes and your family will savor every bite of your cooking.

Recreate Authentic Magic

Just follow the simple step by step instructions on the pack to recreate the magic of authentic Indian cuisines. Wake up to the perfect South Indian Idli breakfast, tasty Dosa feasts and Masala Badam Drink. No matter what you feel like relishing, our instant mixes ensure you can cook the perfect taste in a fraction of time!

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